March 7th, 2017


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FIWARE is the open platform
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Starting 5 years ago, a large group of industrial players, start-ups, researchers, developers and public actors joined forces across Europe for the creation of disruptive digital services. Now, these services are enabling business acceleration in relevant sectors such as Smart Cities, AgriFood, and Manufacturing. Today FIWARE’s mature technologies and a wide-reaching open innovation and business ecosystem open up new opportunities to boost Europe’s digital revolution and to foster the development of new sustainable economic models.

Born in Europe, FIWARE has been designed with a global ambition. With the FIWARE Foundation becoming the central actor driving the FIWARE open platform technology and ecosystem forward, the FIWARE Open Day is a great opportunity to learn, engage and join our ecosystem, making companies, institutions and contributors very visible in a key initiative of DG CONNECT and the European Commission.

What if a company
had a market of 500 million

Open standardised applications can help achieve that goal, following ICT standardisation for the Digital Single Market.

FIWARE for your business

  Using FIWARE allows to instantly access a market of standardised processes where the FIWARE-enabled solutions are created in close collaboration with customers and third-parties.

  By joining FIWARE, any company will be joining the global digital ecosystem and a platform that is already been employed by hundreds of companies in B2B.

  Using FIWARE saves time and money, it allows for the faster creation of solutions via a joint community providing a good supply of ideas.

FIWARE for the Industry

  FIWARE is a practical example of cross-industry collaboration: shaping and creating new markets in areas open for new approaches and competition.

  FIWARE aims at the right market trends and it can be best and easily integrated to other existing initiatives ranging from sectorial innovation ecosystem projects to other PPPs.

  Around the FIWARE working model shorter term industry objectives can meet longer term public objectives. It gives an innovative edge for the large, evolving markets.

FIWARE for the policymakers

  The FIWARE Open Day will be the occasion to share key lessons learned, present uniform business processes, point at new collaboration methods and account for concrete inputs, coming from the different programs and roadmaps.

  The FIWARE Open Day will be the perfect occasion to address key questions for the policymakers. What does FIWARE need, to flourish further? Are still any distinct legal barriers or other hindering regulations that should be changed?

Join in and look into
the future with us!

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Fiware Open Day

Charlemagne building
GASP meeting room

Rue de la Loi 170, B-1000 Brussels.

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